Innovation Policy

Philip has advised governments and government agencies on

  • their innovation policy framework, and
  • areas for policy intervention and legislative change to improve their national innovation landscape.

This advisory work has had as its aim the broadening of a country’s innovation landscape, so that innovation and intellectual property make a greater contribution to the economy, including by fostering new industries, expanding existing industries, increasing employment, generating export revenue, as well as increasing the tax base. 

Philip was engaged by the World Intellectual Property Organisation to undertake a survey of the range of policy initiatives available to Government: Policies Fostering the Participation of Industry in Technology Transfer (Full text in English. Executive Summary in Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian).

Philip presented that report at the World Intellectual Property Organisation's Expert Forum on International Technology Transfer in Geneva in 2015.

Philip has been engaged on three occasions in relation to three Asian and Pacific nations, to advise on, or draft National Strategies for innovation and intellectual property.