Start-Up Companies: Getting Investor-Ready

Durban, South Africa - 26 August 2018

Part of the Bio Africa Convention

About the workshop

Is your Start-Up Company seeking to raise capital from an angel investor or a venture capitalist? 

Or, is doing so on your Start-Up's horizon?

Are you investor-ready to negotiate the terms of the investment?

Are you equipped to negotiate the investor's:

·         anti-dilution rights

·         preferential rights to dividends and surplus capital

·         share conversion rights

·         tag along and drag along rights

·         preferential rights to make further investment

·         preferential rights to acquire shares from other shareholders

·         participation in Board decision-making and governance

·         veto or consent rights in company decision making

·         voting rights on an "as converted" basis?

Are you equipped to assess what an investor proposes on any of these, and other critical investment terms?

Are you able to recognise what aspects of the investor's proposal is negotiable, and what commercially acceptable alternatives you can consider proposing when negotiating with the investor?

If you're unsure, your Start-Up is not investor-ready.

Join us for an intensive one day workshop and take a leap forward in your Start-Up's investor-readiness.

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