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Welcome to Opteon's web pages.

Through Opteon Philip Mendes undertakes his teaching and consulting activities.

Philip practised as a lawyer for 32 years. For the last 25 of those years he practiced exclusively as a technology transactions lawyer.

For most of that time he was also engaged as a consultant to universities, government, and companies, advising on innovation policy, intellectual property polices, technology transfer best practice, and commercialisation improvement.

These days, Philip concentrates on:

  • continuing his policy related advisory work, and

  • skills development training in the technology transactions field.


He is an Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology, where he lectures on the Management and Commercialisation of IP in the QUT-WIPO Masters of Intellectual Property Law program.

Since 2002 Philip has undertaken 44 international missions for the World Intellectual Property Organisation, either consulting or speaking

He was appointed by the Australian Government to its Advisory Council on Intellectual Property, on which he served for 6 years, contributing to the Council’s work of providing advice and recommendations to the Australian Government on intellectual property and innovation policy.

As a lawyer, Philip represented 18 Australian and foreign universities, as well as research institutes, numerous start up companies, venture capital firms, SMEs, publicly listed companies, multinational companies, and Australian and foreign governments, in relation to their technology transactions.

Philip has led or been a member of the transactions teams negotiating numerous global IP licenses, strategic alliances, joint ventures, collaborations, and IP mergers and acquisitions, across all technology sectors.

He has also represented over 80 start up companies in relation to their angel and venture capital fund-raising, with funds located in Australia, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Philip has negotiated technology transactions with parties in over 25 countries, from large multi-national companies, to small companies, and with government parties.

Philip has undertaken what have been some of the largest technology transactions emerging from Australian research.


Philip is passionate about innovation, intellectual property, and its management and commercialisation, both at a policy level, as well as at the implementation level.


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