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In House Workshops

Philip presents the following IP skills development workshop programs as "in-house" workshops, as well as public workshops. Click on the workshop title for a detailed program.

Workshop content can be customised to meet the specific learning outcomes that are sought

To enquire about an "in-house" workshop please email

Advanced Workshops

The Licensing Master Class goes well beyond licensing basics. Its aims are to improve the licensing skills of participants; expand their toolbox of solutions to controversial and complex licence terms, and help them achieve better outcomes in their licence negotiations. Every part of a licence is examined in detail, particularly the controversial and complex aspects of a licence that can sometimes result in impasse or stressful negotiations. 

Understanding the value of of a license and the things that affect that value. Royalty setting methodologies that are reliable, and those that are not. Skills to find comparable transactions to guide the setting of royalty rates and other financial terms. Using Discounted Cash Flow as a royalty formulation tool.

Negotiation skills and strategies to employ in a technology transaction negotiation, as well as to watch out for. This is not a generic workshop, but presented specifically in relation to technology transactions, from which illustrations and case studies are drawn. 

Recognising and solving controversies in the ownership of IP, for example, in industry funded research and collaborative research, with special attention to the adverse implications of joint ownership

What you must do, and what must you know, to be ready to effectively negotiate a term sheet presented by a venture capitalist, seed or angel investor.

Intermediate Workshops

IP professionals deal with numerous IP contracts, including research agreements, collaboration agreements and license agreements. They are intimately involved in their negotiation, formation, and for the life of the contract, their management. This workshop covers what non-lawyer IP professionals need to know about the law of contracts, and contractual risk management. This workshop is customised for the state / territory it is presented in. The content of this workshop includes the Lurking Legal Traps workshop content.

This workshop incorporates about half of the Contract Law for IP Professionals workshop, and focuses on legal liabilities for the unwary that may arise in the negotiation, formation, and management of an IP contract.

What do the most highly successful tech transfer offices do that makes them so highly successful? What are their practices and processes that help make them so highly successful? This workshop is about TTO best practice to improve a TTO's commercialisation scorecard.

Basic Workshops

The basics of licensing technology. The essentials that everyone involved n licensing must know.

Tech Transfer Bootcamp

1 day or 2 days

For tech transfer professionals needing to rapidly skill up. Covers the key tech transfer skills and issues.  In particular deals with key issues important to universities and research organisations, as well as to industry, and covers models for dealing with those issues in a manner satisfactory to both.

For founders and scientists needing to rapidly skill up in the business of commercialisation. Covers all the key commercialisation concepts and issues that they must quickly master.

What scientists need to know about patents, patenting proceses, commercialisation processes, marrying IP protection and publication objectives, dealing with commercial partners, etc. Aimed at scientists (staff and post-graduate students) being more active in IP protection and commercialisation.

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