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FAQs about In-House Workshops

Who presents the in-house workshops?


All workshops are presented by Philip Mendes – this is not delegated.


What Materials are available? 


Each participant receives a bound set of the workshop materials which will be an ongoing reference resource.


Is a Certificate awarded to participants?


Yes, at the completion of the workshop, each participant receives a handsome Certificate of Completion.


Who can attend an in house workshop?


You decide who attends. We will not be inviting anyone to your in-house workshop.


Most organisations for which we undertake an in-house workshop want participants to be confined to their own staff. This enables workshop discussions to be candid and confidential. It also enables your staff to freely share and discuss their experiences during the workshop, and enables Philip to comment on them and to use those experiences as case studies during the workshop. Philip can sign a Confidentiality Agreement to facilitate this.


You decide which of your employees attend, and how many. You also decide if you may want to invite anyone else to the in-house workshop who may not be an employee.


Can two or more organisations jointly engage you to conduct a workshop?


Yes. In this way they can share the costs. We can invoice one organisation, or provide separate invoices to each, in the proportions that you request.


Can you present an “in-house” workshop where we pay your fee etc, and we publicly advertise the workshop?


Yes. On many occasions we have been engaged by Governments and Government agencies to present a public workshop on that basis, where the Government agency engages us for a fixed fee, promotes the workshop, and registers participants at a modest or no charge.


Can a workshop be customised?


Yes it can. We can customise the content of a workshop so that it focuses specifically on the skills that you want your staff to develop.


What is the maximum number of participants that can attend a workshop?


We have done in-house workshops with as few as 7 participants, and with as many as 75 participants. You can decide how many participants you want to attend. However, we find that the learning benefits are maximised when the number of participants is a small group of 20 to 25.


Do you require a deposit before the workshop?


No. But, if we incur significant travel expenses, we may ask for these to be reimbursed in advance of the workshop.


What are payment arrangements?


Normally we will send you an invoice shortly after the workshop.


Are fee reductions available?


As is commercial practice, we are happy to discuss fee reductions when multiple workshops are ordered as a package.


How can we reduce the costs of a workshop?


The best way to minimise the costs of the workshop is to arrange it for dates when Philip is in your city on other business. In this case there may be no travel costs incurred. Or, if we are elsewhere in your region, travel costs are minimised by economy class travel.


Do fees incorporate travel time - so that fees can be reduced if you are already in our city or in the region?


Travel time is not factored into our fees. Fees are the same whether there is travel time from Australia (7-9 hours each way), or within Australia, or no travel time.


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